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Calming therapeutic clouds


Coming to see a counsellor for the first time can often feel daunting. However, talking to someone who can hold space for you and who has been trained to listen to your story empathically and to help you make sense of your experiences can be profoundly helpful.


Counselling is a time to prioritise yourself and your relationship with yourself.


By exploring our thoughts, feelings and fears in a safe, supportive and confidential space that is free from judgment we can start to process them healthily. In doing so we can gain insight into how and why we act and think as we do and achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves and of those around us. This can help us to store difficult experiences in a way in which they impact us less and to break unhelpful and often unconscious patterns that might be working against us. With the right support we can move towards feeling a greater sense of calm and freedom from whatever has previously been holding us back.

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